Action against Prosecutor – An endless drama for the FDPDer Geneva FDP-politician Simon Brandt throws FDP-attorney General Olivier Jornot an abuse of power. Trigger the affair of the FDP is Maudet-the Council of state, Pierre.Philippe Rich Genf4 Kommentare4Die Geneva justice was with the FDP politician Simon Brandt little squeamish. Now 35, has filed a criminal complaint, “to restore justice”, he says. Photo: Laurent Guiraud (Tribune de Genève)

politicians have little friends. And even less in his own party. This is the experience of the Geneva FDP-politician Simon Brandt makes in months. Now he has filed a criminal complaint, which seeks sometimes to his own party’s friend: attorney General Olivier Jornot.

your rift began in December 2019. Brandt sat in the cantonal Parliament and was a candidate for the liberals for a seat on the Geneva city Council. One Morning, let him party colleague, Mr Olivier Jornot arrest. Thanks to indiscretions, the local media reported increased steadily over consensual, house searches and seizures. Jornot, by the people, as the FDP representative elected to the top of the criminal justice system, accused Brandt, illegally on the database of the Canton police accessed and to have another FDP politician amtsgeheim containers betrayed.

arrest warrant is “illegal” Maudet be

The other FDP politicians, Council of state, Pierre. Brandt was a close friend and had worked as a research assistant in Maudets Department, before he moved to a similar function in the Executive staff of the cantonal police of Geneva. Jornot counted on the fact that Brandt would unpack in police custody against Maudet. Against Maudet Jornot since 2018 a criminal case due to the acceptance of an advantage, because Maudet was 2016 on a luxury trip to Abu Dhabi invite.

However, Brandt has delivered little of Substance. The beginning of the year Jornot announced that he had the majority of the allegations against Brandt fall. However, for the 35-Year-old the affair had consequences.

As a staff employee of the police, he was suspended for the duration of the criminal investigation. On 5. April 2020, he missed election to the city government in the second ballot, after he had gotten in first ballot, yet it is the fifth-most votes. During the election campaign, Brandt filed at the Prosecutor’s office a criminal complaint. In it, he referred to Olivier Jornots warrant of arrest as “unlawful” and he accused a police officer of abuse of power, false accusations and violation of official Secrecy.

He had to be emphasized in the Nude

Brandt take it off: “I just want to restore the justice.” When the police arrested him, he had been on the way to a member of the Parliament session. A police officer got him in a cell and ordered him to strip naked. Also, you have created him temporarily handcuffed and threatened that he had to spend the following night in a prison cell. As he went in search of his room in the apartment of his mother on the toilet, have kept a COP, the toilet door open, so Brandt. He could have hidden in the toilet of a gun, justified the official measure. Also the apartment of his girlfriend was searched. Finally, police had the main in the police quarters, his Computer examined and found that he had never dug in their database, so Brandt. “You can already notice before the arrest,” he says. There are several agreement followed by Jornot. “Most of the questions focused on Pierre Maudet,” says Brandt.

The criminal complaint brings the Geneva justice in a complicated situation. The Canton of Geneva has a law on the public Prosecutor’s office forces, a state attorney from outside of the Canton of use. Stéphane Grodecki, the first Prosecutor, has opened a procedure in which he must also play the role of his superiors Jornot illuminate. “The Prosecutor’s office needs to speak now, whether you look at as a party or not,” said Brandt’s attorney, Marc Lironi. Justice spokeswoman Virginie Castelli stressed: “The complaint is against the attorney General.” Brandt asked in the process and never Jornots deposition. You have to forward the complaint for further investigation to “the General inspection of police services,” said Castelli. Now the police the police should consider whether the police committed a criminal Offence.

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