According to the Propaganda-action – Kim’s sister in South Korea threatens with VergeltungKim Yo-yong have instructed the Department of the “Affairs with the enemy”, a South Korea-directed action. This is better than explanations.0 comment view on a TV device at the Central station of Seoul: the sister of The ruler had to accept the authority of the matter.Photo: AP/Lee Jin-man

North Korea has intensified a Propaganda-action of South Korean activists on the border of his tone and the neighboring country threatened with retaliation. “The right to take the next action against the enemy, is entrusted to the General staff of our army,” said the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-yong, on Saturday evening (local time).

It is better to take a series of retaliatory measures, as explanations. As the next action against South Korea could, in particular, look out with innuendo-filled statement.

you have instructed the Department, which was for “Affairs with the enemy” charge, the next action is chosen to execute, was quoted by the official of the state media. To do this, you have a commander-in-chief, the power from the power and the party.


North Korea had already threatened at the beginning of may to the end of a military agreement with South Korea, 2018 on confidence-building measures, as well as the closure of a liaison office at the border. Then, too, the message of Kim Yo Jong came. Later, Pyongyang severed all channels of communication to Seoul.

Kim played again on Saturday on a balloon campaign from the end of may, had sent the activists and North Korean refugees in South Korea, near the border about half a Million leaflets with criticism of the Communist leadership in Pyongyang in the direction of the North. The aim of this is often the actions undertaken is the North Koreans to call for the overthrow of the autocratic leadership. Pyongyang had repeatedly threatened with military force to deal with them. The government in Seoul accuses Pyongyang not to do anything against these campaigns.


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