When she was born, warned that the doctors will use in this case Responded that her daughter was Madeline herself, mentally, is never to continue to develop over a 7-year-old, and recommended them to her adoption. The girl is the prove of their wrong: Madeline is 22 years of age, shines forth as a model at the fashion weeks of London, New York, and is the first professional model in the ds name a few.

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The Australian-Madeline Stuart (22), it is a perfect example of “If you can dream it, you can do it!”. When she was 18, she decided to take on a liquid diet because her obesity made it difficult to dance and play sports. She lost 23 kilos, and after that, she and her mother go to a fashion show had been, she knew what she wanted to be a model.

have A helping hand through the ever-growing demand for diversity, also had a career off to a flying start in 2015. A few months after the world had let me know that she is a model and wanted to be, she had her first assignment, a bite at the brand Manifesto. In september of the same year, for the first time on the runway during New York Fashion Week.

Professional model

This year, they have a 6, 7, and 10 september, again at fashion Week in New York for Tommy Hilfiger and she was there, even the Inspirational Achievement Award. A week later, and played them at the London Fashion Week for different designers. It is the first professional model in the Down. “This has been my busiest year ever”, and showed them on Instagram to know. “But I don’t have a lot of meaning in it.”

Her mother wants her daughter to be treated like a “normal” model, which means that Madeline will not be represented by a special agency, and that they have the same amount that will be paid as well.

the School

in her personal life, shines forth in them. Madeline, together with her mother, a school open to people with a disability and has launched its own line of clothing. She has been for the past five years, along with Robbie, who she met at the Special Olympics, and they will have a home of their own, if they just want to live in.