If it would come to a non-Brexit apply in the UK to disruption of the public order, could be imposed on a Minister according to the law of war. But this was not planned, said health Minister Matt Hancock on Sunday the BBC. The “Sunday Times” had previously reported, citing undisclosed Insider, the government is examining what measures they have in resistance against the state violence in the event of No-Deal-Brexit.

The government of Prime Minister Theresa May is of the essence, meanwhile, to extend the session times and the elimination of free days, the members of eight important laws for Britain to leave the EU in time by the Parliament. Already on Tuesday, the voting for the lower house on a number of new applications from members on how to proceed after the rejection of the Brexit agreement.

at the meeting on Tuesday MEPs vote on a wide range of applications. Some MPs are calling for a postponement of the leaving the EU in favour of further negotiations with Brussels. Others argue for a completely new Brexit strategy, an exit without an agreement or a second Referendum. The Parliament had rejected the between London and the EU negotiated Brexit-agreement with an overwhelming majority, and May attached to a heavy defeat. In addition, the members of Mar had asked for a Plan B.

However, around two months before the Leaving time is of the essence in the British house of Commons. For the preparation of the EU-exit, the deputies have to adopt, according to government figures, a total of 13 laws. These relate to various areas such as trade, fishing and agriculture, but also to a possible withdrawal of the Treaty with Brussels. So far, only five laws but by the Parliament.