A 31-year-old motorist lost his on Sunday evening on the B455 in Wöltersheim of the roadway, up against a tree, rebounded and still at the scene of the accident died. Presumably, the man with excessive speed had been on the road, police said. The motorist was ejected in the collision of the vehicle, any help came too late.

Just car two hours later, in a collision of a car with a load on the Federal highway 455, a 41-year-old man has been killed. The 20-year-old driver and two other occupants of the car, in which the Killed was sitting, were seriously injured, the police announced.

In the oncoming traffic

was between Rosbach and the connection point of Friedberg, of so far unknown cause in the oncoming traffic and the truck collided.

the driver of The truck was slightly injured. The driver of the truck was slightly injured. The road was blocked up in the early hours of the morning in both directions of travel.