Erpe-Mere, belgium / Apples –

In another lawsuit against the Jordan Lukaku, due to excessive speed, and driving without a driver’s license, went into Monday’s turn into a witness who claimed that ” not a Red Devil, but he was behind the wheel of his luxury Range Rover.

a lot of the Flemish magistrates ‘ courts were already familiar with the ‘sporty’ driving style, the Red Devil, Jordan Lukaku. After a series of judgments by the courts in Sint-Niklaas, Aalst, belgium, and Bruges, it was Monday again, it’s the turn of new jersey. The player of Lazio Roma, in the district court of the first instance, has lodged an appeal against a previous conviction by a first instance court to a six-month driving ban, a fine of 4.400 euro and it will take all of the tests. Its a very expensive Range Rover was used by the court is forfeited.

Lukaku was given the sentence because he was on the 7th of march, 2016, and to use the flash on the motorway E40 in Erpe-Mere in the direction of Brussels, with a speed of 134 miles per hour. No excessive major speeding ticket, had it not been for that, there is a driving ban at the football player, walked up.

Jordan Lukaku was on Monday, it is not present at the trial, but had to get a friend to send it to the court. That was to explain that it is not in the Red Devil’s at the wheel of his car at the time of the facts, but he does. “I was speeding”, did the man have to tell you. “The circumstances under which that happened, and I don’t know anymore.”

the chief Prosecutor, Patrick Henninck placed a low value on the certificate, and asked for a re-affirmation of the penalty which Lukaku has previously received from the magistrate’s court in Haifa.

The months ‘ driving ban that Jordan Lukaku in the last few years, piling up, are now no longer to be counted. His last conviction was in may of this year. Then, he was recognized by the court of first instance of Antwerp in the appeal, sentenced to a nine-month driving ban for racing onto the motorway E19 in Rumst. Well, in that case claimed that the Red Devil is that it’s for a friend who was at the wheel of his car was in.

a judge in new jersey is doing at the november 18 decision in the case.