the AA Gent, to be second-group competition in the champions League will not be able to win 1-to-1, it was on a visit to Ukraine, Oleksandriya. Depoitre was the Buffalo, however, early head start, but even with a strong Kaminski was in the end not prevent it. Afterwards, he made the Gent is still entitled to claim the victory, but the score wasn’t more. In the other match in the Group, I was able to Wolfsburg not to win, leaving the buffaloes with him, at the head of their group.

in the Back, took the Oekraïner Igor Plastun is the place to be in the Tunesiër Dylan and Bronn. Furthermore, Thorup and the confidence of the players last weekend with a 2-0 win of KV Kortrijk, belgium.

now that The Buffalo’s escape in the first minute, then Luchkevych just was able to head it in, but Kaminski was to be on his toes, and he saved the furniture. The answer, of Ghent, was not long in coming. In one corner, it was almost touch and then are Happy above all else uittorende, and just next to said. But it was only a delay, because in the third minute and it was 0-1. Odjidja gave away the ball with Laurent Depoitre who are just waiting to cut the ball back and over to the point on the short corner, took aim, and is beyond the scope of the Pankiv.

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the Gent seemed to have the match under control, but the 0-2 from the Ngadeu ended up on top of the pillar, after which, the home team still in the race, was able to come out. Oleksandriya came to a rest a few times to close in the second half but Kaminski saved the furniture”.

Kaminski, yet one hammer

in Oleksandriya started out strong in the second half, but Banada let a good kopkans waste and Sitalo lofty about it. However, the home side continued to come in, and Kaminski, it was still knocking when he has a solid shot Kovalets is not enough was able to return to where Sitalo, however, still was able to score with a simple and yet original depositor: 1-to-1.

Photos: BELGA

The Ukrainians were even, but in Ghent and took over the second half of the match (firmly) in his hand. Depoitre was over, and David hesitated just a bit too long to be a long, drawn-out strike. Yaremchuk took well to it for the purpose, may be you could attempt, yet, still kept out by the keeper.

the Score could not be more against the (on paper) the weakest opponent of the group, as AA Gent won earlier in the openingsspeeldag in your own home, with a 3-2 at Saint-Etienne, which is today’s 1-1 draw, played against Germany. As the Inhabitants continue to be as with 4 to 6, together with the Germans in the lead in Group I.