It has to be a very good guardian angel, the twenty-year-old Emily Koford. Together with her mother, and in It she visited at the end of the previous month, and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. In addition, it would be the risk: for example, they even have a picture of the side of a cliff. Already been turned by one step to the rear, almost out of a nightmare.

An eye-witness, could the incident happen to capture it on camera. “I said, ‘do not step back, but she did it anyway,” he said to ABC News. This can be a disaster was only just avoided. Emily stumbled, but was able to make the necessary luck to maintain her balance. The opluchtingbij her and her mother and those around her was immense. “I don’t think she realized how dangerous the situation was,” said the mother. “I found the perfect zienwat going to happen was if they fell over.”

Despite the horrific experience, the women will be going to be the place in the future, once again in the direction of the Grand Canyon by pulling it. “But we’ll probably never do it again.” Each year, about a dozen deaths in the Grand Canyon. Two people fall in the gap.

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