Eat there – not At the Wolvertemsesteenweg Sunday, a 72-year-old woman’s house is robbed. The perpetrators took cash, jewelry and her car is on the lift. She was slightly wounded.

in The brutal home invasion, was found, according to the public prosecutor’s office of Halle-Vilvoorde and in the afternoon take place in the Biesthoeve the Wolvertemsesteenweg. There lived a 72-year-old woman is still single after the death of her husband. The perpetrators were most likely aware of that fact and decided to be armed at the farm to attract them.

“Two masked and armed individuals have to have her robbed the house and then taken off with her money, jewelry and a car,” says Gilles Blondeau on the floor. “The woman got injuries. The investigation of the perpetrators are walking.”

in The house, it was a Sunday and the whole day is searched in the array of useful signs.