A woman found a frog, in-and-lock-roll: the Horror. You will have some explaining to do


Sint-jans-molenbeek –

A customer at the Lm office at chaussée de wavre in Etterbeek, made Wednesday a very special discovery in her sandwich. The thing was, after all, a dead frog, dies, she is on twitter.

The woman in question, posted on Wednesday a photo of the sandwich on the microblogsite. “You can imagine the HORROR when I see this afternoon, with a frog in my sandwich and found it to be. Panos, you’ve got some explaining to do,” she writes.

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The broodjesketen to “take the issue seriously”, and said that the necessary measures have been taken. Panos has been in contact with the occupant of the office in sint-jans-molenbeek, for the quality control of the company, the distributor of the materials of which the respective roll and to the affected customer. The company emphasizes that it is a very, very, strict quality control, on-hold, and that all of the terms and conditions of the belgian fasfc belgian food safety agency will be followed.

as for The PRODUCTION itself, the woman in question and the recommended action, which, according to hospital spokeswoman Stéphanie Maquoi has ever done.

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