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Before you write Homo Rebellis. Key science for the adventure of life (a Debate), Lluís Amiguet has interviewed and read in the last twenty years to 135 scientists and Nobel laureates to understand the singularities that make us human. The result of so numerous contact with the wise is an exciting journey through science which aims to give meaning to our journey as a species from multiple points of view and areas of knowledge, to reel off the great paradoxes of our existence, starting with the first facing evolution: our rebellion and intelligence make us more powerful, but not more happy, because the genes, as our brain reptilian, are primary and ignore our pursuit of well-being when you only aspire to be perpetuated.

The author, a practitioner of the slow-journalisim, dedicates this first volume of a forthcoming trilogy to readers of foxes who, in the categorization of intellects of Isaiah Berlin, are engines of insatiable curiosity because they know a little of many things; but also to the readers urchins, specialized in one discipline will dominate and that they feel able to explain it all. This book of wisdom, but informative, it is written with the rigour of 116 bibliographic references to over 26 pages that include notes of a multitude of interviews conducted by the author in the popular section Against the barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia.

The reader may address this compendium of discernment to the classic-fashioned way and start with the prologue. But it is also advisable to open the book to any page at random, which the industrious bee polinizadora, to be met with one of the 269 pills, by way of aphorisms, expressed with the deportment of the good holders, to declare a principle mnemonic consistent with the science and that the author develops in an entertaining way. Are maximum or thoughts expressed as adages, modern tweets trapping: a bad person can’t be a good professional. Another option for reading is to use the index as a browser, because as Aristotle said, what is important in this life is a wise choice.

The rebellion of man to be booted from the me to the us in exchange weaknesses in the sex and the couple, where we enjoy the pain from the latent fear of dying that teaches us to live. When you get to be parents, children are the last universal religion of a society pospatriarcal in which mother and father compete, because today we suffer from a “machismo” without males. In this vade mecum of scientific wisdom are denied the chances in favor of the causalities to address our intelligence and creativity show that we are born to learn, although the deal of keenness is unjust and not let us remember what is important, but what’s exciting, because you feel it is a expedited manner of thinking.

And that is that we are born unique, although all matched by a brain that is different, but we are only profitable in the series, especially in the current era, in which the brain is a machine that is merging with others. A machine of anticipate that we configured through mere memories, although the instinct is the one that decides so then the reason is who excuse. And what to say of our conduct, which is not more than 8,000 million ways to be human joining the fact that primates are aware of their end. To come out unscathed from the labyrinth of life, we must look at the past to better live the present, but what’s more interesting is to be dowsers of what is to come, but as your best version.

neurological Investigations, recent observe that our consciousness is the result of an invasion of viral archaic to embed fragments of their genetic code into our genome. Since then, we know that we are finite, a discovery that makes us human and, often, distressed beings. is The language is another parasite in our brain and the memes, those elementary units of cultural transmission, were replaced by the genes. Up to the point of constructing metaphors, a technology with a transforming power comparable to that of the wheel. And hence the currency, the tribe, the flag, the totem, the taboo… Metaphors and abstractions on which we’ve built empires.


Homo Rebellis. Key science for the adventure of life

Lluís Amiguet


464 pages

PVP 19,90 €