Consultant breaks Lockdown rules – A Tweet, millions of Britons from the heart sprichtEin employee of the government, criticized the preferential treatment of Boris Johnson’s Top adviser, Dominic Cummings – a official Twitter Account.Alexander Menden0 comments concerning the rhyme is the focus of Public opinion: government adviser Dominic Cummings on 24. May in front of his house in London.Photo: Keystone

last Sunday night, shortly after a press conference, in which the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson demonstratively behind his highly controversial adviser Dominic Cummings had made, appeared in the official Twitter Feed of the UK Civil Service, the following message: “Arrogant and disgusting. Can you imagine how it is with this Truth able to deal to have to work together?” After ten minutes it was deleted again, however, not before about 30’000 times received over been. Shortly thereafter, were distributed, also on Twitter, already framed pictures and even an embroidered Version of it.

the taboo-blasting the end of this for Twitter relationships first, quite moderate appearing displeasure scope to expression capture, you have to know what Her Majesty’s Civil Service. As the Central state administration is the bureaucratic Foundation of any government work in Westminster. Civil Servants are there to help the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, to the best of their ability in the implementation of its political program. The most important rule for Civil Servants, not elected, but are life time civil servants are is, to behave in the Public, politically neutral.

a Civil Servant, for the neutrality to self-task is a matter of course, somehow emotionally manifest, so it is a great rarity. That he does it in such a bluntly critical of the government’s intention, is unprecedented.

Nothing to the British, incensed more than Unfairness

The digital Eruption is a special Symptom of the Collapse of many of the supporting pillars of the British self-understanding that began with the Brexit vote, and now, in the Corona of a crisis, its interim low point experienced. Not coincidentally, the General outrage sparked from the fact that Dominic Cummings against the Lockdown violated the rules and was with his Covid-19 diseased wife and his son from London to his parents to Durham dangers. Johnson dismissed this as “understandable”, was perceived as unfair and nothing incensed the British more than Unfairness. The previously unknown Tweeter had spoken of millions of from the heart.

How dicey the Whole, the announcement by the government to seek immediately after the author of the “unauthorized Tweets”. He should be found, is likely to be, his Post is in acute danger. However, first aid would be guaranteed. “Harry Potter”author J. K. Rowling tweeted, in turn, on the same evening: “If you have found out who it was, let me know. I would like to buy the a year’s salary.”

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