Luciano Passirani, the Italian television analyst last weekend, Romelu Lukaku racially insulted, crawl through the dust. “I’m not racist at all. My partner is black and I have two black granddaughters”, defend, Passirani and of itself.

the Italian analyst Luciano Passirani, went on live television to TopCalcio24 this weekend is completely in the wrong. “As an opponent, you attack in a duel with Lukaku on the ground, or you’ll have to get him to ten bananas to feed them…”, he was live on national tv and lost. The big boss of the channel Telelombardia hastened to make his apologies, and left a command prompt and know that the 80-year-old Passirani are no longer welcome in his program.

Passirani is trying now, in the Corriere dello Sport, to defend yourself. “I’m 80 years old and is about 40 years old, in the world of football, and I’ve never been suspended for my behavior. But I agree with the decision. I’ve got to be one of the worst days of my life are behind me. This night I did not sleep, I will not eat it. I have to admit, my joke is unlucky. I am not a racist at all. I’m hoping Lukaku, personally, to be able to meet him, I apologize to you.”

“I don’t want to continue to be a racist, and there are a lot of kleurlingen in my family. My partner and I already have 17 years, am black, and their two daughters, my son, are black. I am a cultivated man, not a racist at all. I’ve been in my career, a lot of colored boys, and I’ve never had with anyone had problems.”

for More on Romelu Lukaku’s Italian analyst, is completely wrong about Lukaku: “the Only way to get it to stop is for him to ten bananas to give the” Lukaku-and Inter-pack thanks to the economical victory, the leadership in Italy, Lukaku third-best earner in the Serie A, Ronaldo, one of a kind Red, the Devil can have you tonight, ” virtual places for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and this is the probable lineup