Parcels which have a special treatment, which is really the face of the employees of the logistics company Jetpak is in Machelen. “A mission is a challenge. That’s our thing,” said Dorien Everaerts, that there is transportregisseur it is. What are the director’s?

Dorien was started in 2012 as an administrative employee at Jetpak. In 2017, she found that it was a good time to start something new, and she made the move to an operational position within Jetpak. “I needed a job with more variety. The buzz of the operational environment is what attracted me to it. Especially in a job as a transportregisseur, it seemed to me a great deal. I would be our customers are now able to help you to find the best solution for their missions. Every day is different. Do you have a vliegtuigonderdeel as soon as possible, to its destination. Tomorrow you have medical equipment to the other side of the world to the post. After that, we look for solutions to make a musical instrument with you as soon as possible for a musician to get it.”

the Fact is, each and every mission, she stresses, is a challenge that requires you to find the best transport solution. For that customer, for that particular situation. “That is a personalised approach that allows you to be on his toes, but also working days, very fast, pass by,” says Dorien Everaerts.

it’s a transportregisseur with a lot of stress and has to deal with, deny, Dorien is not. “If the engineers of the airline in one insert wait for it, then you should know that there is a plane with passengers waiting to take off,” she said. “In medical devices that need to be taken, it is possible that the surgeon and his team, the material need to have to have surgery to be able to go on. I don’t need you to explain to me that these situations are a huge amount of stress, and adrenaline pumping action.”

at the same time, it is also in these situations that most of the jobvoldoening to give you can really make a difference. “At times like this, it’s all a matter of your attention to focus on it, to give it everything, and be bold. There are also times that you are very, very intense experience. And if you have the time, then there will be a small way.“