A British man will make his way to a sunny resort, is still a long time to remember, but not because it was the best holiday ever. Luke Thorpe was booked with Thomas Cook for a luxetripje to the Bulgarian coast. He went to a hotel run by a British tour operator that is less than half a year ago, it was completely renovated. On-the-spot turned out to be the hotel, however, is to use hooks and eyes to each other and hang out. Then Build a door to the hallway, and opentrok, and fell with his mouth open in surprise. “Deep trap” sound in the video, he made the most of his ‘luxury’.

“Obviously not finished”, it complains Type, on the Facebook page of Thomas Cook in the UK, where he is in the video is there, you know. “From now on, I refer to them as, Thomas: Crook < / I> (crook, ed.) .” The guy brings it to leak into the frame, broken flooring, loose wires, and behind at least two doors, there is a gaping hole. “This is a very short distance to the see is the. “Very professional.”

at the end of the day hit Run with his toe, and a non-finished stage of a flight of stairs. When he was a disinfectant, and band-aids and asked the front desk, he was simply told that they don’t exist. He’s not the only one who is complaining about the Sunny Beach the the hotel. Websites such as TripAdvisor are filled with the experiences in bulgaria, the hotel is in Slantsjev Beach.

now, Thomas Cook has responded on Facebook: commenting on a video, wanted to be an employee of the operator, to know if Type is already a formal complaint has been submitted. According to British media reports, the party – which is his principal place of business in London, – Friday, to respond to the allegations that have been made. The bulgaria hotel (in June and have been thoroughly inspected before the doors were opened.

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