state of emergency in the restaurant does not take customers. You have to either close also, uh, the kitchen, or come up with something else.

among Other things, the Helsinki ulla castle located in the restaurant Ora has offered sushi portions pick up the package in for over a week. Chef Sasu Laukkonen told me, that in four days were sold 630 dose.

the Whole team is at work, no one will have to lay off, if popularity continues the same. The weekend press was a 15-hour days.

Mikkeli Bistro Vault offers a takeout lunch from last week.Riina Kasurinen/Yle

Ora has a michelin-restaurant, which is on the list, sushi would not normally have. It range the takeaway is therefore that the dose is easy to make, pack and carry. In addition, the sushi is chef’s passionate hobby at home.

Restaurant chefs are not accustomed to the lemurs of the runaround, but after last week in a few days we’ll turn more than 8000 sushi, so that’s quick to learn, with a laugh Laukkonen.

in Exceptional circumstances doing agility

Restaurants have had to make quick decisions in the last week and a half period.

the exception status of a big part of the restaurants lost their customers overnight. This also happened in Jyväskylä, Toivola old courtyard, a café-restaurant.

– Normally, the daily use of 50 – 100 customers and now less than ten, tell a restaurateur and chef Arto Chevron .

“fetch the food is intended to develop a model, which could remain introduced the” tell a restaurateur Arto Chevron.Jarkko Riikonen / Yle

the Hook admits that the government’s decision to close the restaurant door was an entrepreneur relief.

Now you can say to customers that the door is closed and we get as well as pick up food that home delivery of. Now we can focus fully on it.

Restaurant are empty, at least until the end of may.Jarkko Riikonen / Yle

Toivolassa of the workers have been laid off, but the action is not intended to interrupt. Hook idea, together with the staff with what kind of changes are made.

restaurant manager Iitu Räisänen with just we are considering, that we provide families with relief and we sell good everyday food per pound. Thus, to obtain the dose rate dropped pretty drastically.

Domestic raw materials forward

as well As a restaurant Ora in Helsinki, that Toivola yard in Jyväskylä, finland relies mainly on domestic and locally produced ingredients. At least so far everything I need has been obtained, tell the Chevron.

We have not had problems in obtaining raw materials, but some ethnic restaurants, the situation may be more difficult. Now is a good time for all to think about how good local food is.

state of emergency in spite of domestic raw materials has been very available.Jarkko Riikonen / Yle

the Restaurant Oran Laukkonen said acquired raw materials, which is the risk of ending up scrapped. For example, the home field of the garden too big for you fresh shison the leaves end up in the sushi of the day doses of.

let’s Make it, what is a lot on offer and what is going to get old. Today, doses are included, for example, domestic smoked to ache.

the status quo is therefore the opportunity to get top professional of the by good food, although the restaurant doesn’t get the evening to sit.

“after the Crisis becomes the new normal,”

of the restaurants now developing frantically for new ways to provide food. Toivola yard the kitchen master sees that the takeout ice range also corona after the crisis.

Absolutely, we want to develop and make it a template, which remains in practice, said Chevron.

the Restaurant Oran Laukkonen believes that after the crisis, the restaurant world is back to normal, but was born in the “new normal”.

exceptional situations require exceptional action. Restaurant Ora serves takeout customers window.Sasu Laukkonen

Orassa is taken in the dining area for staff use and a michelin-level takeout is handed to the customers window.

I don’t like at all impossible that at some point here can be picked up also in the package, which is the pinnacle of chef selected raw materials and instructions on how the dose is prepared at home, Laukkonen said.

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