China’s national people’s Congress – A stress symptom, not a sign of StärkeIn Beijing begins because of Corona suspended National people’s Congress. Abroad, the KP performs a defensive battle against the growing number of critics. And also on the inside, it is noisy.MeinungLea Deuber2 Kommentare2Aggressive Propaganda: head of state Xi Jinping welcomes emissaries have arrived to the annual meeting of the Chinese people’s Congress in Beijing.Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins (Reuters)

the cancellation of The National people’s Congress at the height of the Corona-crisis in China in February, was a historic decision. For decades, the most important annual Meeting of the Communist party (KP) at the beginning of March will be held in Beijing. To can the Assembly do, only two and a half months later, is a Testament to China’s success in the fight against the epidemic. The KP will use the event to stage as a winner. About the Virus – but also about the West.

While in the USA, in the meantime, more people died of Covid-19, as officially in China were infected, propagated by the Beijing speaks of his one-party rule as a superior, of a “Chinese model”. Even if it is only in direct neighborhood of two democracies, Taiwan and South Korea, the Virus early on, get a grip, you can surprise the aggressive Propaganda hardly. Abroad, the KP performs a defensive battle against the growing number of critics. And also on the inside, it is noisy. The pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of the social system. In order to guarantee political stability, it must provide the KP for the people more economic security, as an advocate of your Worry present. A rescue package in 2008 after the financial crisis, but it is hard to imagine. China’s debt has recently risen rapidly. Economists are warning longer to reduce debt. The aggressive actions of internal and external stress is a symptom as a sign of strength.

social security,

But, without question, the people in China traumatic months, have lost family members and friends, millions of their Jobs. If in these days of the people’s Congress can be held, then this is possible, because these people have waited for months to be disciplined in their apartments, often without social security, and because the medical staff fought to its limits against the Virus.

It is absolutely necessary, the initial cover-up by China’s authorities to demand political responsibility, the role of the world health organization and its relationship with China has to be questioned. But just as important is that the work-up acts, as other countries wanted to shift all responsibility on China.

In Europe there are Attacks on Asians, in the web of hatred is celebrated against them is increasingly open. The Communist party benefits from this anti-Chinese resentment.

this is Exactly what happened from the point of view of many Chinese. In the US, President Donald Trump, who incites aware of anti-Chinese resentment, speak of the “Chinese Virus” or recommends journalists with Asian roots, to ask rather “China”, instead of criticizing him. In Europe there are Attacks on Asians, in the web of hatred is celebrated against them is increasingly open. Above all, the Communist party is profiting from this anti-Chinese resentment. A reason to exist in your dominion, it represents the party and China as inseparable. Who mixed the government and the people, support this narrative. The more the people will find that they will reject you in the abroad due to their origin, the easier it is for the KP to legitimize their Power through nationalism.

warnings from China ignored

Many Chinese people rightly ask, how can it be that you have brought so great sacrifice, and now, it seems, a second Time, the responsibility to accept for those who have not taken the Virus a long time seriously. In February was the latest clear how serious the situation is. That the Virus could overwhelm any health system. Why have played, the experiences of Chinese Doctors as long as no role? China is alone connected to economic ties with Europe. How can be the country in the minds of many still to this exotic place, far from the European reality?

In step: Chinese soldiers in the center of Beijing.Photo: Andrea Verdelli (Getty)

would be Wise to remember that there were Chinese Doctors and scientists who have been at the party state over the early Alarm, have shared without the permission of the government, the gene sequence of the Virus with the world to provide abroad, the research on a vaccine. The first studies, including key research results, originate from China. And there were Chinese journalists who have revealed the initial cover-up on the spot.

none of this should, and can relativize the Actions of the KP. China’s aggressive behaviour in the crisis follows decades in which Beijing promised much, but little has kept. However, the Doctors, researchers, and journalists for all of this, what China is. Anyone who believes, with anti-Chinese propaganda, and terms like the “Wuhan-Virus” to draw the Chinese government’s responsibility, not playful in many of the Chinese just its credibility, but also has no idea what hell the people are gone. This experience will also be able to the pictures of the people’s Congress is not so easy to displace.

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