Sebastian, T., the man who has been accused of involvement in the death of Andrea Montchery, has been arrested by the police. He verschuilde for Friday night at a private residence, notify the public broadcasting COMPANY on behalf of the public prosecutor’s office in Charleroi. According to the court sources, and the facts have something to do with the relational issues between the offender and the victim, to write Sudinfo.

The lifeless body of a woman, born in 1988, was a Friday evening about 18 hours, was discovered in a Corporation, as a part of the Republique, in the province of Hainaut, belgium. The victim was found in the trunk of a black Seat, which was parked in a driveway in the Emil Vanderveldestraat, as compared to a retailer Delhaize.

The fire brigade and the local police of the Chatelet, came to the scene and the vehicle was later in the evening, weggetakeld. The experts of the laboratory, and examined the place, looking for any clues.

In contrast to previous reports, the presumed author of the offence is not itself specified, at the police station. He had, however, the facts are well-known to be a knowledge that the authorities are on track to put on the black Seat.

The black Seat, it was located in a driveway in the Emil Vanderveldestraat. Photo: RTL Info

Saturday afternoon, the public prosecutor, the victim, identified as Andrea Montchery, a young woman who was born in 1988. A few hours later came the confirmation of the arrest of Sebastian, T., the ex-husband of the woman.