as a Student of marine biology, Lawrence, and Scheele was a special confrontation off the coast of Sydney, australia. The young man was under water for some video footage at this point in time, until the octopus with a stick to put out. It is a curious animal, and was as interested in his GoPro, and that it was trying to take the camera with me to grab. No fun at all, of course, for the student, who is immediately to surgery, and the octopus is after a draw on the other ideas brought up. The young man is going to be more likely, under water and on an adventure to the most fascinating creatures to shoot. The results of which he will inform later on their YouTube channel.

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Unique images: scuba divers, filming how the octopus dead-whale-eats up on the sea-floor:

scuba Divers may be a rare octopus with a film during a night dive

Vengeful octopus tortures blogger, after that the animal is alive and wanted to eat it:
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