Bruges / Waregem / Belgium –

The asfalteringsbedrijf Van Robays from Belgium should be to the criminal court to answer to a work-related accident that Bruggelinge Out Vandenbussche (33) at the left foot control. The single mother-of-two behelpt now has a prosthetic limb. “For the people to gawk at, but I would do the same.”

On October 1, 2018 shall be struck Out Vandenbussche (33), from Bruges, was involved in a heavy accident at a construction site in the Countryside. In a small side street from the Mar Bouckaertstraat she had to get down to the asfalteringsbedrijf Van Robays from Belgium. Then, just before noon, and a Bobcat mini excavator on a truck and had to drive, things went badly wrong. The vehicle began to skid, and rolled around. The woman was placed in a reflex, her left foot on the ground, and it was because of this, I’m quite happy with it on her leg. Her feet were just torn off, but six months later he went to the doctors, after all, to become qualified. The linkeronderbeen Out, it was up to about ten centimetres below the knee amputee.

the Humour

Since then, behelpt a single mom of two little girls with a prosthetic limb. “It took some getting used to, but is, in fact, there is little I can practically do anything with it,” says Marjolijn. Outside of dancing, but I was not. in a way (laughs).” In spite of her disability continues and the young woman was strikingly positive, with a good sense of humor in your life. “My youngest daughter is five years old, and a sense of humor is the ideal way to deal with it. But my oldest – she’s nine – is more difficult. She is ashamed of some of my disability and when we go to school, and I need to get my prosthesis always hide it under my pants.”

The arbeidsauditoraat introduced after the accident, several shortcomings to the yard, and then Van Robays to the city criminal court, it was reported. “The safety belt on the Bobcat wasn’t working properly, and the door on the left-hand side had been removed”, according to the auditeur-Thursday. “In addition, there were no written instructions available for you to work with your vehicle. A year earlier, when the defendant is in fact, for an accident has happened, with the same type of Bobcat. The worker got so hot the asphalt on his feet. Apparently there were no lessons.” The auditeur asked for a fine of 48,000 euros for the Van Robays.

“They have been trained”

The attorney of the company, pleading for the acquittal. “Even if the door – in fact, it was in a protective rod it would have been had the victim of her feet on the ground, up. The rod was used by the workers is taken away in order to make it easier to work with. Can my clients not to do it? The dining room is a detailed guide to using the vehicle to work on. If they do not read, nor are they the fault of my client. The injured party has in its employment a training, for us to work with Bobcat. My client will make every effort to comply with the welfare legislation, as well as the staff, there should be assistance available.”

the Out put to civil parties in the case requires a provisional compensation of € 12,500. “I have now on my fourth, a temporary prosthesis, and is waiting for a final model. People waste a lot of it, but I may have to do (laughs) . Next year I’m supposed to go back to work. But in my old job, I won’t be able to run it. Really too bad, because I did really love,” she concluded.

The decision follows on the 24th of October.