The deficit in the social security system, this year was much higher than had been anticipated. In June, it sounded that there was a gap of 1.4 billion euros, but it turns out to be 3.1 billion more to go. This is evident from figures on Friday will be discussed in the Committee on Social Security, reports het belang van Limburg.

the report showed that the deficit in the social security system to 3,055 billion, it estimated. By 2020, that deficit will be 3.5 billion euros. At the end of the legislative session, in a bid for the 2024 games, it will be that amount as calculated in still a further increase of up to eur 6 billion.

The reason for this is, especially with the increasing expenditure related to the ageing of the population, which allow them to feel in a considerably higher bill for pensions and health care. In addition, the growth forecast for this year from 1.3 to 1.1 per cent of GDP.

in The socialist, trade union, trade unions, and the Socialist Mutual health insurance funds is the alarm. They are asking that in lieu of the cost savings is urgently looking for a new source of income to the social security fund, for example, due to the additional tax on capital and the reduction of the support to the business.

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