A second career with a flourish – A Rap, the underground is Josip Drmic plays not only football, no, the Swiss national player raps also. Now his second attempt appeared. Opinion Thomas Schifferle0 comments

By Franz Beckenbauer, there is the famous line of text: “Good can’t we be friends.” And Gerd Müller sang: “Then it makes boom.” Beckenbauer and Müller were two of the greatest footballers that Germany has produced ever. As a singer of her level is not came to the sward beyond.

Josip Drmic on foot is shooting, he belongs to the circle of the Swiss national team, and he has brought it even in the Premier League. How, exactly, is also gone, anyway, he received at Norwich City a contract that will earn him a week to 30’000 pounds.

Drmic also sings, more precisely, he raps, and this has to do with Singing a lot. Last year, Drmic has recorded the first Song, “No Tomorrow” has the welcomed. Drmic must have forgotten the title again, otherwise he would not think that there is for him as a Rapper Tomorrow. He has now submitted a second work that is as good as the first.

Busty women lying naked in bubble bath, Drmic sits on a motorcycle, but in a room, with sunglasses, even when it is dark. As the corruption of the rape, that would be good, but Drmic is Serious with what he’s doing, and if he languishes then in English: “she is attractive, she is a hat Trick”, only one question remains: Why does he not use the free time to practice the goals to shoot? Since he is in the Premier League, he has recorded twice as many Songs as scored.

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