Stopped reforms in Ukraine – A satirist among crooks and OligarchenVor a year, the Ukrainians Volodimir Selenski selected to be President. Also, because he promised to end corruption in the state apparatus to clean up. What has happened since then?Florian Hassel from Warschau7 Kommentare7Auch the war in Eastern Ukraine, the President has not come further: Volodimir Selenski.Photo: Gleb Garanich (Reuters)

The customs chief. The Supreme tax collector. The Attorney-General. And, last but not least, the Prime Minister: It is an impressive number of leading reformers, has been fired, the Ukrainian President Volodimir Selenski in the past few weeks. This Wednesday, it was a year ago that the former satirist and television producer, was sworn in as state President. Many Ukrainians who voted for him against predecessor, Petro Poroshenko, with 73 percent of the votes, the preference, were approached by Selenskis promise that he would finally achieve thorough reforms, the ever-present corruption and end the influence of the oligarchs, break up, and the war in Eastern Ukraine stop. Also in the Verkhovna Rada, its Parliament, gave the Ukrainians Selenski a free Hand, and the President’s party, servant of the people in the early parliamentary election in July 2019 with an absolute majority.

From Selenski appointed reformers to clean up began. The 38-year-old Sergei Werlanow about fired when centrally managed, to date, notoriously corrupt tax service, a number of executives, he introduced a rotation principle and went against multibillion-dollar fraud in the reimbursement of VAT or duties on alcohol and tobacco. Maxim Nefjodow, who gave up a lucrative Job as an investment banker, acted as Director of the Ukrainian customs – a main source of revenue of the state, and notoriously corrupt – comparable consistently.

Corrupt prosecutors

In the powerful office of the Prosecutor General leading the state paid for lawyers from oligarchs or parliamentarians, in order to prevent criminal proceedings or against opponents to initiate, as it confirmed the end of August 2019 to the attorney-General appointed a Reformer Ruslan Rjaboschapka. As the new boss, he fired corrupt prosecutors, and a headed explosive investigations, even against powerful oligarchs, determine, according to the world Bank, the economy and politics for their own Benefit and to the detriment of the Ukrainians. Skeptics saw the reform of the new President, meanwhile, is limited – for example, during the stock Reform of the notoriously corrupt courts, where matching according to Reports, judgments are often for sale. In addition, Selenski made the highly controversial interior Minister Arsen Avakov in the office, and he let unreformiert the secret service, the SBU, the need of its Power is often abused and, for example, business people are being blackmailed. Selenski did not also against the oligarchs – on the contrary.

Igor Kolomojski about to have plundered for the private Bank, the largest Bank in the Ukraine, with business partners billions of dollars. The Oligarch denies the allegations. However, a London court has already looked at evidence of “fraud of epic scale”. In Ukraine, however, where Kolomojski President Selenski helped, among other things, with the support of his TV station to the office, missing up to today, criminal proceedings or, at least, a Committee of inquiry.

An Echo of previous abuse

the March began at Selenski to dismiss reformers in series. As the First Prime Minister Olexi Hontscharuk hit it, apparently after a dispute with the President about the oligarchs Kolomojski. As the next General state was fired lawyer Rjaboschapka, followed by tax chief Werlanow and customs chief Nefjodow. And as it would be an Echo of previous abuse of the judiciary and the security agencies by the Ruling in Kiev, plated-fired Reformer with some hair-raising allegations, and house searches.

In the new government is also represented by another Oligarch well: Rinat Akhmetov, the richest man in the Ukraine, determined the mines and the energy sector. Prime Minister Dennis Schmigal worked previously, as well as for Akhmetov, as his Advisor for energy questions. President Selenski received the oligarchs already several times to discussions. The oligarchs have under him at least as much influence as before.

Also during the war in Eastern Ukraine, the President is not from here. While Kiev, Moscow and its Mario have exchanged nice regime in the Donetsk and Luhansk several times a prisoner. Militarily and politically, but significant progress has been lacking. The Ukrainians keep Selenski nevertheless, the exchange of prisoners the benefit of his measures in the Corona-crisis.

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