A proposal from the court: Loveparade-the process to end without a verdict


    A Surprise is the message that has to make the presiding judge Mario Square on Thursday to no longer. On the 97. Hearing beats the 6. Great criminal chamber of the setting of the Loveparade process. Exclusion of the Public the chamber had on Wednesday with the defenders to hit the state and the co – plaintiff lawyers in a multi-hour legal interview. The next day, the judge reads Plein a good two hours of a note, in which the main results of the conversation are summarized.

    Pure Burger

    Political correspondent in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    F. A. Z.

    The process to the love parade disaster, when on may 24. July 2010 on the single A – and exit to the festival were crushed to grounds on the former Duisburg goods station, 21 young people death and more than 600 people were injured, according to the will of the court without judgment. For seven of the defendants, including the six employees of the city of Duisburg, you can imagine the chamber due to a “foreseeable low” individual debt-to-one setting without any edition. Against the other three defendants, employees of the private operator company Lopavent, the court, after a preliminary evaluation, a “medium-sized debt”. For you, the court proposes a setting against.