James Anderson, as well as a 52-year-old plumber from Burnley in the English county of Lancashire, its place in the sky, is earned. The hard-working man, sent out, just recently, a bill by a grand total of zero pounds (or even getting a zero euro), to an old, sick woman. It is a noble gesture, and went to the web and the responses, therefore, were not.

A 91-year-old woman who was suffering from acute leukemia, was pleasantly surprised when the bill from her plumber, in the post-box was. For both parts, as well as for the working hours earlier, Anderson is none of your business. “There are a lot of older people who are suffering in silence. They don’t ask for help because they don’t want to trouble. I will try to make their problems and worries and just take them away.”


Anderson, who is a non-profit organization, Depher, and placed the bill on the internet and in no time, compliments from all over the world. However, it was not only with words. Different organisations have planned on the financial support offered to him, even the holidays.”In the United States of america, France, germany, and Australia are enthusiastic about the project. They are asking me for advice, and how a project like this, it is best to be able to integrate into the society. I hope that we can help older people all over the world are able to support them.

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In a week’s time, received by the plumber, no less than 90,000 euros in donations. “Thus, our capacity will double and reach more people. To me, there was previously no help afford. I’m doing everything myself, but now I have to split.”

Also, Anderson is a part of the debt to pay off. “I’ve got about 8,000 pounds ( about 9,000 euro) in debt, but I have to keep it under control. I am often accompanied by my vendor, and banker.”

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