Which left much to be desired, then do it well in the next few weeks in order to have the sky to stare at. The next three days in a row, there will be falling meteors to be seen. The Orioniden attract, after all, from Monday to Thursday, with a peak on the 22nd of October. And that is one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year.

237.240-mile-per-hour. At incredible speed, racing up the Orioniden in the air. In fact, these are pieces of debris from the comet Halley, which have a regular nalichtend track them to see. Among other things, the Kielder Observatory, the Centre refers to it as one of the most spectacular meteor showers that we get to see it.

the is A luminous trail in the sky. That’s a shooting star, would you? So we will call them in the vernacular. But that’s not true at all. Actually, it is the enemy to small pieces of rock and debris, which is a high speed, the air coming in, and at about the 80 to 120 km altitude, time. The lichtflitsje that is, it is in the air at the bit to go to be glowing for you.

How to look the best?

now is The best time to see the Orioniden can be seen in the first half of the night. It is the number of visible meteors is between 20 and 30 per hour, and opklaringen for it, especially in the eastern part of the country. But getting up early can help you with that, because at about 6 o’clock in the morning is for the sterrenhoogtepunt. And then you have a good chance to get more than two bright meteors to be seen.

those Who go out on the town to see the meteor shower is to look at the best and a good place to look is outside of the city, it is recommended by Meteovista in. Light pollution from built-up areas to ensure that there is, in fact, a weaker enemy is not easy to see. Also, take a look at the south, at a point between the horizon and the highest point in the sky.

There’s no special equipment is needed to make the Orioniden to be able to see it. But the smartphone while it is waiting just on your left. But you can see a quarter of an hour to get used to the darkness, and your eyes more.