Watch out for big cats on the road. New traffic signs appear on the roads of several regions, depicting two lynxes, an adult and a kitten. It indicates the potential presence of these animals on the road and is intended to encourage motorists to slow down. This unofficial sign was created on the initiative of the Athénas wild animal care center, whose director, Gilles Moyne, deplores the collisions of lynxes on the roads of France.

In a video published on social networks and relayed by France 3, he deplores several lynx victims of these accidents since January 1, 2022, mainly in the Jura mountains. “16 lynx is more than 10% of the adult lynx population in France. Of these 16 lynx, only two survived. The population level is not sufficient to maintain the species”, sighs he. The day after the publication of this call for vigilance, a new feline died following a collision on the A40, in Ain. The list of victims therefore grows to 17.

The new road sign, unofficial remember, will be placed at the exit of the municipalities. It will aim to encourage drivers to “slow down on the surrounding roads”, explains Gilles Moyne. “We have good hopes of undertaking a positive dynamic and of acting quickly while awaiting administrative decisions”, continues the director, nevertheless regretting the difficulty in having a panel approved. Keep an eye out the next time you drive!