Umrollung runway 28, a New Taxiway to Zurich airport safer machenMit a new Taxiway to the number of Slopes to be reduced to the Zurich airport. The projects affected but a flat swamp. In addition, the building had to be demolished.0 KommentareEin plane lands on runway 28, which leads from the East to the West.Photo: Keystone

The runway 28 is required in all operating regimes for take-offs and landings, and shares the locations of the airport of Zurich in two halves. Depending on the Regime, a large part of either the landing, or of departing machinery needs to cross the runway.

A 2012, the Foca requested safety inspection of the airport revealed that every year, around 100’000 runway intersections pose an increased safety risk. The Federal office requested from the airport, then an improvement in the Situation.

to scroll to the Docks or to the runways, must cross many planes on the runway 28.Photo: PD

The airport wishes to solve the Problem now with a Taxiway that leads to the East around the runway 28 rather than across it. For the so-called Umrollung various buildings in the General Business and, if required, Aviation soft, General flight operations and business aviation. Replacement buildings are provided in the West of the airport.

New bog areas planned

is Also located in the project perimeter of a protected fen. It is a question of new marsh areas are to be created, which will add according to the Foca, the Moor even. In addition, A53, ecological improvements are provided between the runway 14-32 and the highway as a substitute.

The Federal office for civil aviation Foca has opened for the Umrollung the plan approval process. The public support begins at the 25. May and lasts until the 23. June 2020. The documents are published on the Internet.

After that the Foca is part of the opinions and any Objections to check and the specialist agencies of the Federal government and the airport operator to listen to. Finally, the Federal Department of the environment, transport, energy and communications Detec will decide on the project.


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