Louis Henderson, from Edinburgh, knows how to use his grandmother to get to the garden can be made. After a Halloweenfeestje when a child saw a grandmother in It Due to how he was in a kinderfietsje said that it was nothing to him. In the discussion that followed resulted in the funny pictures.

Louis just got a bike and tried to steal it, it wasn’t a complete surprise. “He’s got one of them asked for it for Christmas,” said Shannon Turnbull, the mother of the infant. “After we got in a taxi and arrived at the shelter, I noticed that Louis, the tour, and he told me that he was such a specimen would have wanted.”

After that, the grandmother, is a video from the viral call, send it to Shannon, she could not take her eyes can hardly believe it. “He was very quiet when I got him and went to get another Halloweenfeestje, later in the day,” she explained. “He said he had the bike and wanted to borrow it from the school. The children think that they are actually all the way in front.”

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