In Knokke-Heist

She b the daughter Sherlyn D., were yesterday in the court for the lifting of the over 150 victims. The duo also made more than one million euros in prize.

as for The mess that She was B. in (45) and her daughter Sherlyn D. (24) from the town of Knokke-Heist on the coast, left behind, is hard to imagine. A mother and her daughter were yesterday, to be told that they have a five-year risk for schriftvervalsing, deceptive ability, and the removing of the seized goods, and a wide range of oplichtingen. The two were often together. Through their real estate agency took the duo to systematically advance payments for the purchase of apartments and into their own pockets. And then they have their business is bankrupt, let it go. The same thing they did with their hair salon, their chocoladewinkel and in the restaurant. They did this to a huge number of unpaid workers and contractors left behind. In tweedehandssites they were selling in addition, many non-existing things.

At the city court yesterday, telling the two that they make a financial contribution to the land they are in, but that time no one believed. The duo showed no realization of guilt, or shame. She was B, now in its seventh lawyer challenged, still the greater part of the facts and claiming that they have not worked for a criminal purpose. She appeared, are held for trial. That they are, as long as at pretrial, it is, however, rare. Her daughter was in spring to several months in prison.

Thirty-one of the more than 150 victims, were located yesterday, the civil party as well. Some of them have been for for less than 100,000 euros (lit. Statement to follow later this month.