do you Remember the story of Marie and la Bastide? The woman, 45, was this summer’s six days, goes missing, and he sat all the time in the car fixed after an accident. Well, Marie, we can once again steps in, so let them know on Facebook.

Almost impossible, the: the hottest day in Belgium ever knew, daniel, Marie, and her car’s in the river). Six days is a long time and she was stuck in the car with nothing to eat or drink. As if by magic, the woman was found and completely dried and transferred to the hospital.

and Now, a month and a half after the fact, you know, the woman has a video on her Facebook page. “And to say that I was barely able to walk when I got here,” she writes in there. Marie revalideerde in the meantime, all of the 25 days, you can now, carefully, and with the help of a brother and a better description of the steps.

More about that by any chance? ‘Mirakelvrouw Marie show is proud to present for the first time on Facebook after a day to recover for a Dog is trying desperately to be her puppies to the rescue of those buried were under the rubble, but it will get appropriate help, the Woman falls 15 feet to the bottom, and it can be used as a miracle tell the tale of “Enclosure is dead” is the fourth film of the ” F. C. The Champions’ final, the end of the October Boma?