TikTok also demonstrated how Filet-O-Fish sandwiches at the chain were prepared

McDonald’s employee claims to have revealed the secrets behind some of McDonald’s most famous menu items.

@essentialmcdonalds, a TikTok user, has shared several viral videos showing the behind-the scenes process of making McDonald’s eggs and other burgers.

Many of these videos have been viral and received millions of views. One recent video shows how McDonald’s chicken nuggets were made.

After the user has confirmed that the oil is clean and the clip shows a plastic bag containing chicken nuggets. This can be opened and poured into the fryer basket.

The user replies, “So get your chicken nuggets.” They come in a bag. They are then placed in a basket. Then you shake them to ensure they all fit in their respective slots.

The fryer basket is then placed in the oil.

The TikTok user explains in the video that “you put them down into your fryer and then they go down for three-and-a half minutes.” You press the pull to lift them up. After that, you shake them a bit and make sure they are free from the basket sides.

After the oil has been drained, the TikTok user will dump the nuggets in a second basket. He or she will then say: “And then you just dump it right into your basket.”

The user replies, “And that’s all, you’re done.”

The video was viewed over 9.3 million times as of Wednesday morning.

Last week, @essentialmcdonalds posted another video showing how french fries are made.

The user comments in the clip, “This is how to make our fries.” You get your fries out of your fry hopper. Your basket is placed there, and the fries are dropped.”

The TikTok user places the fries into a basket and then puts them in the oil.
TikTok user stated, “Put them into your oil and start your timer.” You get a duty timer after they start cooking. Once they are done, you press the button and shake the fries to make sure they don’t stick together. Then you add them back into the oil.
The TikTok user continues, “And then when the fries are done, you press on the timer to stop them,” as the fries are removed from the oil. You just take your fries out, and then you shake off any excess oil. Then you simply take them out and shake off any excess oil. And you’re done.”
The french fry video was viewed over 8 million times as of Wednesday morning.

Another video that is very popular, and has been viewed more than 17.9 millions times, shows how McDonald’s prepares their Filet-O-Fish sandwiches.

@essentialmcdonalds explains that the fish filet is actually the only item in the store that uses the steamer. It is steamed for about 11 seconds. It is then taken out and placed in your container. It gets one pump of tartar sauce, then it gets half a piece of cheese.”

As the sandwich is being assembled, the TikTok user comments that “I don’t know why they don’t do the whole slice, but a hale is how it’s supposed to be made.” The fish is added next. Then you can just place the bun on it and close it up.

Many commenters on Filet-O-Fish’s video stated that they would like more steam buns. @essentialmcdonalds says customers can request that the bun be steamed with any sandwich.

Many commenters suggested that McDonald’s wraps were also steam, but @essentialmcdonalds countered by saying that wraps can’t be found in all locations in the U.S.