In Melsele has Friday night as a heavy case of verkeersagressie place. At the exit of the E34 from Antwerp, there was a slight collision between the two vehicles. The two vehicles were on their way to the exit and came to a red light. It is the first vehicle to bolde, however, in reverse, and crashed into it with his hitch at the bumper of the other car.

soon it came to verbal aggression, which is completely out of control, ran up, and with the victim a few blows got through and the frame of the car. The author, a Romanian, took flight. An ambulancier, a private business firm, was a witness to the accident and the license plate number of the offender’s record. He gave the victim the first. Another ambulance took him to the Stuivenbergziekenhuis.

Whether the perpetrator has been identified, and it was Friday night, still we do not know.