Error in the Google algorithm – a journalist is confused with Jeff Bezos’ Ex-wife Googled MacKenzie Bezos’ phone number, the contact details of an American reporter. This was inundated with messages of foreign people. 0 comment for a year divorced: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with his Ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos. Photo: Taylor Hill, film magic/

It is a confusion of stories, as you can only write to the Internet. MacKenzie Bezos, the Ex-wife of multi-billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, announced in may 2019 after the divorce from her husband, to donate a large portion of their assets for charitable purposes. Numerous media reported about it, including the US magazine “Wired”. The author, Louise Matsakis wrote about the philanthropic activities of the Rich from the Tech world. What happened after the publication of the article, however, is the truly Spectacular to the story.

Matsakis hundreds of calls, SMS and E received-Mails – no hate messages or criticism because of your article, but marriage proposals, anecdotes from the life of a Stranger and, especially bizarre, requests for money or luxury goods. “As a journalist, I answer normally, no E-Mails from people who ask me if I buy you a Porsche,” writes Matsakis in an article one year after publication of the Bezos-report.

One of the richest women in the world

you could not afford such donations probably – Mrs Bezos, however. After all, she has to keep after the divorce, 25 percent of her and her husband held Amazon stock. These add up to the amount of about 35.6 billion dollars. The 50-Year-old with a fortune of almost US $ 50 billion to the richest women in the world.

In may 2019 “The Giving Pledge is entered”, an Initiative of various billionaires throughout the world who want to commit themselves to at least half of their assets for the common good, to spend. Numerous well-known personalities from the Tech world have already made this pledge, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Investor Warren Buffett and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

But Louise Matsakis, the reporter from the New York district of Brooklyn, belongs not to these Elite rich people. She was only a victim of the Google search algorithms.

Not for the first Time

Google presents for a number of years, not just search results in the Form of different Websites, but by means of Algorithms that were direct results of searches. You Google about the assets of a Person or the current weather, so the search engine presents one of the most obvious answers directly as the first result, even before you have any pages after the answer scour. This shortens the search queries immensely, but not in any case the correct results.

The felt is also Matsakis. Because the search for MacKenzie Bezos’ phone number supplied to the Internet user number and E-Mail address of the young journalist. The algorithm that Google for the search results of used, filtered according to Bezos’ name and a phone number along with your name showed up, in this case, Matsakis’. This was stored in a info box below your article. As in the case of journalists is customary, to be determined this data for the reader, wish to send Feedback or instructions to the author, says Matsakis.

you have set a number of times with Google, writes Matsakis. A spokesperson had assured her, to search for ways on how you could such errors easier to detect. In the meantime, your employer Wired could not reconfigure only your Website so that Google is receiving from your contact information, writes the journalist. The first incident, it was not but apparently: According to an article on the video portal Tiktok Association Google Matsakis’ contact information with the corresponding search request with the Tiktok customer service.


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