Antwerp –

To see the files in the kennedy tunnel to the address, starting with the Flemish traffic center, a remarkable test case. If the file is located in the ‘tunnel’, is quite heavy, the traffic control center, the traffic is spread out. This allows drivers who are in the verkeersapp to Be Mobile or to a virtual device, have been proposed in order to free in order to drive away the paying Liefkenshoektunnel.

The traffic control center is trying to determine whether or not the traffic in the Scheldt want to get better to be able to spread the word about two of the tunnels. Through the kennedy tunnel to drive the daily average of around 160,000 vehicles. As a result, on weekdays, in the direction of the Netherlands, has more than eleven o ‘ clock traffic jam.

now, with The Liefkenshoektunnel, it is a lot less crowded: that of passing through daily, of which 40,000 vehicles. If the traffic from the first tunnel, more commonly, through the second tunnel, it would solve traffic jams? That is, the Home-testing by the drivers, in specific circumstances, only if certain parameters are passed to on-screen keyboard. Users of the app will Be Mobile or have a driver with a virtual device in such cases, an alternative route will be via the Liefkenshoektunnel is offered. If they accept, they receive a voucher that allows them to be used for free by those toll tunnel drive.

If that pilot wants to sign up, this page.

for More about the Flanders traffic control center’s Truck to drive to a file on the E17 motorway: 500 m to pull in the heavy morning rush hour Tramchauffeur hunts cyclist: Driver was in the wrong,” Why, it’s no surprise that you are not in the file, and it said, “The real change is on the way, later, to Serious inconvenience at the Antwerp Ring road in the direction of Ghent, by accident, at the Antwerp-South