from the German Berlin-a man was arrested after a painting of swastikas on the war memorials. Man, it was a period of time, filmed in the iconic swastika symbol, Hitler used it on the statues, which will serve as a tribute to the fallen Sovietsoldaten. In Germany, it is illegal to have the swastika or any other types of drawings that make reference to the world. But the man does not care much. It was only the vigilant passers-by who came to know him and to stop. The police arrived after half an hour of on-the-spot, and the man was immediately arrested. “He settled down to wait, and even threw bananas to the statues. It was as if he was waiting to be arrested,” said a bystander, later.

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find out More about Germany, the Perpetrator of the attack in Halle, germany, wanted to slaughter do, and people around the world to inspire people was a man from the 20’s and into my 40’s, After a deadly attack on a synagogue it is the Hatred in Germany-are again on the rise? Gunner’s Germany, wrote a “manifesto” for the attack, Moordtocht against the Jews as “the root of all the problems