Bruges (brugge) –

If the owner wants it to be a landmark in Belgian gastronomy and is the work of his life, to save it. Recently, is a former driesterrenrestaurant to The Planetarium for sale. “But there’s no hurry,” says chef Geert Van Hecke.

in An 1830 manor house in the Victorian style, with landscaped grounds, orangery, office, wine cellar, state of the art kitchen, but also a little piece of culinary history that can be yours for $ 2.6 million. For the three years following the closing of the driesterrenrestaurant De Karmeliet chef Geert Van Hecke is the grade ii listed building, in the Langestraat, which, since the beginning of 2017 and will be operated as a banquet hall, is up for sale. In a discreet manner and without any signs on the façade of the building. “There’s no rush. We can still make use of the building in which your office may have. But it is a property, as this is a sale you don’t in a few days ‘ time, and, therefore, we have decided it is now up for sale again.”

Not for the first time.

this is not the first time that the building is in the display position. That’s what happened already at the time of the closing of the restaurant, but then decided to be the chef, soon to be, nonetheless, not selling it. “That is part of some candidates were, on the contrary. For example, there was interest in a paramedic staff. But ultimately, we decided to take the house for a few more years to be retained, and if the function to operate. The staff and the kitchen, too, so why shouldn’t they?”

“and now we have a couple of years, and we can see that the building and facilities are not up to being used and costs associated with, among other things, for maintenance, and, of course, is also not to be. Ever have a sale there, but again, we are not in a hurry. We have also had several celebrations on the calendar.”

in any case, in the Langestraat, his star is still far from lost. With a Set to Joe as a small-scale successor, a stone’s throw from The Planetarium, brought out By Hecke in 2017, immediately been for a Walk in. He hopes to be there next month when a new directory is suggested, was one supposed to do? “I do not deny it, but it doesn’t have to. For the rest of the second and third star of The Planetarium we will have time to adjust. But I could not be any more. Move ” Joe ” to change, I no longer have it, it’s good the way it is.”