Adinkerke / De Panne –

A 39-year-old Dutchman, of the criminal court in Ypres, a fine of 1,200 euros for its reckless behavior in the North sea.

On march 5, 2018, the Belgian Navy, the men of the coast, from De Panne, potentially life-threatening maneuvers are introduced. The guy was a serious breach of the so-called verkeersscheidingsstelsel in the North sea. It’s going to be an international treaty, and that the collision in the North sea should be avoided, and in 1972 was signed.

the Concrete type of the man and his fishing boat was 1,200 yards in the wrong direction, against the flow of traffic. In power and sail, large ships and on the proposed route of the North sea. The fishing vessels that are allowed to route or criss-cross, but do not follow it, let alone to go in the opposite direction. The Dutchman did so, and did so, moreover, is slow because the nets were for fishing.

a number of vessels, was to the fisherman’s radio to him of his behaviour, and to point out, but the man had his radio is simply turned off. Egg, as did his reckless behavior, even at a high cost for a container for him to take evasive action in order for a collision to occur.

the Members of the Belgian navy, took notice of the incident to the authorities, and could be seen even in movies. The man, a Dutchman, out of Arnemuiden which is sailing to the ARM15, “The Woman is Jannetje,” if the companies can get a 1,200 euro fine.