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A recording with five minutes of the voice of Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez ‘Manolete’ goes on sale in the portal malaga todocoleccion.net for the price of 25,000 euros “and a very traveled history”, after the collector asturian Manuel Garcia has rescued a few discs of slate in which the IV Caliph of bullfighting sings fandangos and dialogues family with his girlfriend Lupe But .

“Just consist of sound recordings of the matador”, has told Europa Press, the spokesman of allcollection, Ignacio del Valle , which has clarified that although there are on sale in the portal chronicles, photographs and filming of ‘Manolete’ in the arena, the sound recordings of your voice are “virtually non-existent and, therefore, authentic pieces of collector”.

“collecting is booming and due to the cancellation of fairs and markets, t odocoleccion constitutes as a viable alternative and provides an opportunity for bookstores, art galleries, music shops, as well as other sectors of the collectables can boost your commercial activity, thanks to our online platform,” he highlighted.

The finding, in a garret near Llanes , of these recordings made in the house of his friend with a phonograph home has “shocked” the environments in the bullfighting arena, has explained Of the Valley, at the same time has highlighted the “incident” of this disc is “lost in moves and rescued from oblivion” by its discoverer.

Manuel Garcia, who collects discs of regional folklore, has contacted the person who had the records, and “after six months of waiting, since I had to pull out of the attic, came the day of the meeting”.

“What was my surprise to see an album deslomado (without lids), called me much attention, because in one of these discs in your label, it was written on one of the faces: Manolete and Acapulco, I had a hunch, I asked the lord where he had taken those records and I replied that I had given a relative of his wife,” he said.

Francisco Tarío left “abruptly” Acapulco and settled in Spain. Between Asturias and Madrid spent the rest of their days. For this reason, The Valley, says that in the judgment of experts “and that these recordings have been lost or given away during one of their numerous moves which give a semblance of authenticity”. A finding-tagged-in-hand with ‘Joy Manolete and Acapulco ‘ in which the right-hander sings “jaleado” by his girlfriend Lupe Sino, has been added.

a well-Off economic position

Francisco Secretary, pseudonym of Francisco Pelaez , mexican author who is compared to Juan Rulfo, he frequented intellectual circles with his neighbor, the Nobel prize laureate Octavio Paz and his wife, Elena Garro. Secretary as an entrepreneur linked to the film “enjoyed a comfortable economic position. Their soirees and balls, joined by a expensive sound equipment audiodisc, cutting-edge technology in the forties, which allowed also to make home recordings on discs,” he said Of the Valley.

Manuel Laureano Rodríguez Sánchez ‘Manolete’ (1917-1947) “stopped in Spain on the evening of August 28, 1947 in the bullring of Linares. Saga bullfighter, begins his meritoriaje country, herraderos and groping going on for the stand-up comedy show, bullfighting, musical in 1933. He made his debut as a novillero in the plaza, the French Arles in the fateful year of 1936.

on October 2, 1939 confirms the alternative in the bullring of madrid’s Tetuan. The decade of the 40 shines with success. 58 cumshots in 1941; 72 in 1942. Are 71 proceedings of the of 1943 and comes to fight on 92 occasions in 1944 and other 71 times in 1945 according to the encyclopedia of bullfighting ‘The Cossío ‘, recalled the spokesman of allcollection, where it is stated that “Manolete is distinguished by the solvency in the run of luck supreme that dominated from its inception with the rapier. Your rennet with the muleta behind the body to cite the bull was a further step in the evolution of the lydia. Their capability to cope with all kinds of bulls made him an idol,” he concluded.

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