as Standard, it remains in the slipstream of Club Brugge and following a true 1-0 win against Belgium. In a comfortable first half on the left Genk for his dominance to turn into goals, Bodart, and Gavory were, respectively, Samatta, and During a goal. After the break offered a Standard response, but a lot of opportunities, provided that it does not. At the end of the match, did Samuel Bastien, suddenly, the stadium will explode in a glorious blast from the edge of the r-rated. Genk tried to get in with a final assault, but it will be a defeat in the bag to return home.

READ (N) . ANALYSIS. A Goal from Samuel Bastien was a bit of a miracle.

Genk was started in Liège and sharp, and it played great. The Rouches names, in their turn, are in a wait-and-see attitude and tried to make the jump. Early on in the match and picked up Samatta, with a treacherous shot, Bodart was able to just flip it. Samatta saw after twenty minutes or so, however, do not touch it, but the ref Laforge had already whistled for an infringement of the Tanzanian press Vanheusden, with a thick lip, and continued to lie.

Chances remained rare in the first half, the best was During. Ito gave the scot a great chance of getting in, but During your last close up on the Standard defender, Gavory. After a rest, was the first for the home team. Lestienne shot head-long and Amallah so much to the few as well as each counter.

Red Deflandre

the Talk was after the rest had little to look forward to Sclessin, in addition to the line, there was more atmosphere. When Dewaest the ball too far in front of him, as well as in the direction of Amallah tackelde, went to hell to pay. Sclessin and shouted to red, but Laforge did with the yellow, and the VAR didn’t either. Work the protest was so strong, that, T2, Eric Deflandre, red for the stand, it was sent to Michel Preud’homme was given a yellow card stock beneath the nose, as well.

Deflandre was to early to go take a shower. Photo: BELGA

a Moment later, appelleerde the Standard again, this time for a penalty kick after a hand Dewaest leather toucheerde. Laforge pointed not to the spot, as the ball of the foot, from the Genk defender there. Work the audience thought it his, and then to the referee and the two captains called and asked for calm.

Matchwinnaar Bastien

as The party looked to be heading for a doelpuntenloos to tie it, but then it dissolved, Samuel Bastien, are of the devil. He turned around pretty freely, and it cracked on the left in the far corner Coucke. In Genk, it was found that the ball seconds before the branch line was gone, but the VAR is validated the goal after looking at the pictures.

SEE ALSO. is Rarely seen angry, Felice Mazzu is showing it live on tv, which VAR according to him, it was a mistake.

Photo: BELGA < / p> Mazzu brought in to do a battering ram-Onuachu in. The tall Nigerian was still a couple of times and it is dangerous, but it could be the defeat, not prevent it. Mazzu should have a slightly longer wait for a first three pointer in Sclessin. Genk will have to wait and see what the competitors are doing, the Standard is a bit of a connection with the leader Club Brugge.

Photos: BELGA