Despite the night-flight ban at the Frankfurt airport continues to see take-offs and landings also after 23 o’clock. However, the Ministry of economy and transport of normalization talks. Because the number of the so-called delay of flights decreased in December compared with the previous year. Compared with November, some of the planes arrived but late in Frankfurt.

Since last spring, the country has more than 160 proceedings on suspicion of abuse of the provisions of the initiated. “We expect the airlines to plan their operations with sufficient time buffer and make arrangements that you can adhere to in the case of faults, the 23-PM-limit regularly”, Minister Tarek Al-Wazir (Green party) quoted. From the airport operator Fraport Al-Wazir expected a significant increase in the noise-related charges: “delays may not be worth it.”

Ryanair and Condor lead sinners list

According to the Ministry, there were in the past month 22 landings and three take-offs between 23 and 24 PM. The were significantly less than in the previous year. At the time landed 66 machines in the hour before midnight, and a 45 pilot started in this time in Frankfurt. In December 2016, a plane had been less delayed than in the past month.

the balance of The year, the delayed flights shall, from residential point of view, it is unfortunate. 1098 machines took 23 hours-as many as never before since the introduction of the ban on night flights in 2012, as the Ministry reported. In the previous year, there had been 775. In addition, 515 late Starts were recorded, according to 505 the year before. The reason for the increase in outlier had been up around June.

“the frontrunner for the delay in landings last year was Ryanair with a share of 31 percent, followed by Condor (19.6 percent), Lufthansa (16 percent) and TUIfly (11.2 per cent)”, reports the Ministry.