In the coming days it will be in the state of Hesse colder again. As the German weather service (DWD) announced in Offenbach on Saturday, the temperature drops again, if the mild Atlantic ocean, is deducted in the air. This includes rain, especially freezing, in Hesse temporarily falls. Just in the hill country should motorists in the nights on smooth roads, warning of the DWD.

On Sunday, it remains, according to the forecasts covered. And rain, above 600 meters of snow. To do this, it will be warm for a maximum of 4 to 7 degrees. In the night to Monday, there may be snow on the area smooth again. For upland areas, the DWD said up to minus 2 degree of smoothness advance spread. The upcoming week begins uncomfortable with the rain and many clouds. To do this, it will be 1 to 6 degrees milder. On Monday night, the DWD warns in case of low values of minus 3 to plus 1 degree but again smooth roads.