we are in the Premier league, the cracker between PSV and Ajax on the program. In a clash between two of the major titelfavorieten in the Netherlands. In addition, in February, in the first instance, to look at two key players: Hakim Ziyech and Lisandro Martinez.

the PSV eindhoven football 22/09 16:45 Ajax amsterdam-Click here to see some of the features of Both and Ajax, as PSV eindhoven won in the first five days of 13 points. The Locals scored nineteen times for the club from Eindhoven is fourteen times. Who’s to Sunday and the three points takes in the city of light to share, so for a first real touch from it.

the Ajax saw, last summer, key players like Frenkie de Jong, and This Is a lot of money to leave to FC Barcelona, and Juventus. But to be the one to catch, with six players in the house. Lisandro Martinez’s transfer fee of 7 million euro will only be the fourth most expensive acquisition, but it is a 21-year-old Spaniard, who is in the picture is playing.

at one time, as a central defender and as a follow up to The Lies, and at other times as a defensive midfielder. See also: Ajax-watcher Sjors van Veen.

“During the first practice you could see right away that he was able to play football”, you hear the sound of it. “Statistics from Australia (on Defensa, ed.). there had been very good, so I did all of that, Ajax will be a good player in the house had been removed. People thought that English, as a back-up, came in and quietly put it would be, but he was right.”

“Who is very versatile,” says Van Veen. “It’s tough, durable, and very bright, but loves to get the ball, if you know what I’m talking about. Are inspeelpass, it is an excellent long-ball, both vertically, horizontally and diagonally and is of the highest quality. He is a well-trained, and doesn’t feel bad in situations of high pressure. He is quiet, looks good, and is actually a very useful control arsenal.”

“if he is after this season, though the way it is? I think that Ajax can have him for two seasons, you can hold it. He will, however, have a megawinst to leave because Who will buy it for a mere seven million in the bargain.”

Photo: REUTERS < / P> The curse of Ziyech

in the Meantime, is the defining figure of year again, with four goals and two assists in the Premier league (and four assists in the Champions League (including qualifiers). However, as Hakim Ziyech PSV eindhoven in the documentation match sheet to see a break to him, don’t break a sweat from it.

as for The Moroccan international and Ajax have never been a goal scored or an assist in one game, six in total, the great rival of the city of Eindhoven. That is calculated to Voetbal International. Remarkably, as with the other clubs of which he was at least six times to clinch the Premier league it was Ziyech, at least two of the goals in question. So he’s on two goals and two assists against Wigan, scoring a goal and an assist against a-Z, and has two goals and five assists in the tournament, against Vitesse. With Twente and scored Ziyech does have a time ADVANTAGE.

as For Ajax, it’ll be a tough task in Eindhoven, the netherlands. The Locals were in march of 2016, and for the last time on the field from the BACKLINE.