A car packed with tons of solidarity


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Among the wave of business initiatives deployed in the health alert, is highlights the role of the distribution sector , not only for the effort to maintain the supply to ensure our well-being during your confinement, but also by the increase of its assistance to the most needy with donations of food.

One of the companies that sweat the t-shirt of the social responsibility is Lidl – a chain that already in the year 2012 was the first who launched a food collection in the whole of Spain, an initiative which formed the precedent for that, later, the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (Fesbal) to organise what has become the Great Collection, involving the rest of the local supermarket and Lidl works each year.

Now, this chain of distribution-positioned halfway between the “hard discount” supermarket traditional, has once again set a precedent when you have raised to 500,000 pounds of food during the past week, of which 433.000 have been donated by customers . The amount has been increased by 67.000 pounds provided by the company itself, which it has placed at the service of this operation, called “grand challenge”, everything in their arsenal: a network of more than 600 shops, 10 logistic platforms and a workforce of more than 15,000 people . Such an amount of food has begun to spread among the 54 Food Banks of Fesbal, distributed throughout the national territory.

The chain took up the challenge to reach 100.000 kilos of food , vowing to donate half, but the solidarity of its customers, has increased five-fold that objective in favour of the most vulnerable people of our country. Beans, cans of fish, pasta and rice are foods that have been picked up.

The campaign “Donates food to those most in need” has been coordinated entirely by Lidl, thanks to the collaboration of your entire team and faced with the impossibility of counting with the participation of volunteers from the food banks, very busy due to the current situation. “We are very proud of the response of our customers; thanks to them we have managed to overcome the challenge and continue to the side of thousands of Spanish families who today continue to need all our help,” explains Michaela Reischl , director of CSR strategy of Lidl in Spain. For his part, Juan Vicente Peral , president of the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (Fesbal), stresses that “the success of initiatives such as this encourages us to continue working to in any home missing food”.

for more than 15 years, Lidl collaborates with various entities that help the most vulnerable groups , such as Food Banks. After each Major Collection of Fesbal, this company, in addition to participate, donate additionally goods a few months later to fill the warehouses of these entities when they need it most, and so get them to the neediest families.

Lidl has excelled in recent years for being the first supermarket that has removed the plastic bags, in addition to stop selling eggs from hens caged and to secure animal welfare, for example in dairy cows. He has also supported the sustainable fisheries in the bay of Biscay and their social responsibility has increased in the current circumstances . Among the most recent initiatives, highlights the donation of 100,000 pounds of food to the Red Cross, eur 20,000 to the Food Bank from the canary islands, as well as various medical equipment like pulse oximeter equipment or blood pressure monitors to different hospitals.

The support for social causes will continue to the beginning of July, when the company will sell their masks in solidarity, designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada with the purpose of raising funds for the project “At your side”, developed by Save the Children, which helps families in the most vulnerable and affected by the current situation.