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What is the driver of The Line, where he made his turn you can take it as a sign to be in the way? In this video we can see how creative they are and sometimes need to be in order to be on time for the passengers to get to the hotel.

The images were made at the station of Diest. An articulated bus, with a accordeonbus, in the common parlance, you can turn to take. As a fellow driver, shoot him, and pulls the stop sign on the pavement to the bottom, so that the price path may continue.

if you are in The Line they are bored with what you see in the pictures. “One of our drivers, we have not been able to find out who is the coach in a situation to get hooked up with he may find it difficult to maneuver and pull away from the haltekaai without the stop sign to get in,” says Sarah Lightly on The Line. “As a co-driver to come to him for help and pull the sign, which is the concrete base, apparently unrelated to him. This will create more space and give the first one a driver the opportunity to drive, without the traffic sign (s) to get. After that, push the second driver and the road sign back to its original state. How to drive bus in such a tricky position to get hooked up, it is not clear,” said Sarah Lightly.

the Drivers of The Line, it will have more than enough skill and experience, even in difficult circumstances, and a smooth ride. “But there might be some situations in which an obstacle or another road user suddenly for the inconvenience causes. Also, inschattingsfouten never be one hundred per cent, to close it,” says Loos.

the Orthodox way

The officer of The Line in the images of his colleagues on the help of a rather unorthodox kind of way. “It goes without saying that we are, vandalism will not be tolerated. Not in at the passengers, and certainly not at our fingertips. However, in this case, I don’t just vandalism to speak of. There are, however, a decent excuse for that,” says the spokesperson for The brand.

It was, according to her friends Lightly, not as the driver, the stop sign folds or creases. It pulls the full post to it, because of it, including the concrete base, it is already independent. “He’s been doing this to his companion for help. After that, he set up in the square, too straight. Even though we have this kind of situation, of course, would prefer not to see it, we are convinced that it is the driver with the best of intentions have done.”

it has been working, according to The brand. The bus and the road sign were in fact not broken. “It wouldn’t have been the case if the driver and his colleague to his fate had been.”

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