in A game with the boys at the school, each other, and is drawn into the cross it was all just a fad at the school in the Uk, Bailey Summers. The twelve-year-old boy, was not a momentary attack of pain. His mother also warns for the dangers of the game, after being in the hospital and was faced with the question of consent to the removal of the testicles of her son, if need be.

After Bailey fell victim to the craze, and it turned out that the pain just went, got the boy a pain killer is administered at Night, it was not even his mother knew that one day she went to the hospital. It was clear that the situation will soon be much worse than anyone could have imagined.

Within twenty minutes, my father, sobbing on the bed, ready to have the surgery completed, to be in. They were able to give him any proper anesthesia for a pain-relieving cream, and there was no time for more,” says mama, Emmajayne in The Mirror. “My son cried, screamed and begged for me to come to him for help. It was a nightmare to get him in so much pain, to see a loved one suffer. It broke my heart.”

the worst of The notice was, however, yet to come, “The doctor explained to me that we have only a little time longer because of the pain in the testicle should be treated within four hours, as otherwise there is a very strong chance of permanent damage or the need for them to be removed.” The doctors fear that the blood supply to the testicles of the boy’s condition, and knew that she would have to proceed with the removal.

“I just got a form in my hands, where I have my permission, to give, to both them and to remove them if needed in the operating room,” said the mother of Bailey. “I had to sign up for the removal of my son to manhood.”

in the end, the boy is very lucky, according to his mother. The doctors were able to have both testicles to save, although even that is not without cost. “There were four stitches are needed in each of the testis-it is two weeks in a wheelchair and it may be six weeks with no effort. He’s going to a lot of school and miss out on a fun day out, all because of this stupid game. In the future it is possible that there are more problems to pop up, but for the time being, we will focus on his recovery.”