“Since childhood, I have always heard a small inner and benevolent voice guiding me”. Esteban Frederic, medium, has devoted his entire life to clairvoyance and has founded his own dedicated platform. For Planet, it helps us understand what the gift of mediumship is, and the signs that announce it.

“All mediums are clairvoyant, but not all clairvoyants are mediums”, he warns from the outset. According to Esteban Frederic’s definition, a medium is a person who connects with the afterlife, able to communicate with departed beings.

If the word “gift” lets think that some are endowed with it and others not, it is not so. According to the seer, everyone is born with intuition. The arrival of a being on Earth would thus be accompanied by an energy which is reincarnated in the physical body.

“Over time, therefore, children tend to lose their natural intuitive abilities. Imagine having a natural talent for playing the guitar. If no one bought you a guitar when you were a child, or encouraged that ability , you will have no way to develop it!”, explains Esteban Frederic.

While some people are aware of their abilities very early on, others perceive them following a significant event such as a near-death experience, the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one… still others practice and develop their gift. To do this, you must deepen your relationship with your intuition, by meditating, for example.

Esteban Frederic also recommends practicing creative activities such as painting, drawing, dancing, music or writing. You can also try to find inspiration by traveling, reading, listening to podcasts, or reconnecting with nature and the world around you.

“It is important to pay close attention to your bodily reactions. Because your body is the messenger of intuitive knowledge! If you are not in the right place or with the right person, chances are you will be. feel deep inside you. Most of the time, these are emotions or sensations, feelings that cannot be expressed. So you have to be attentive”, articulates the medium.

Whether physical, intellectual or spiritual, certain signs indicate a predisposition to communicate with the dead. Check out nine in our slideshow below.

If Esteban Frederic believes that one cannot “provoke” his gift of mediumship, he nevertheless indicates that one can learn to develop his abilities. The seer suggests in particular to “start small”, letting yourself be guided by your heart, your impulses and your sixth sense.

“When you find yourself in situations where you don’t know what to decide, close your eyes, breathe and try to feel inside which is the best option,” he advises.

Then, amplify your receivers by looking intentionally at the world around you, taking care not to judge or interpret.

Finally, Esteban Frederic invites those who wish to work on their intuition not to stay on “the ground of the mind and the ego”. Before concluding: “Empathy, benevolence and open-mindedness guarantee you much better results by promoting your inner availability”.