Boiled, sautéed, mashed, au gratin… There are almost as many ways to cook potatoes as there are varieties of this vegetable.

No matter the recipe, the French love it. 92% of them buy fresh potatoes, and 62% of them cook them at least once a week, says the study “Potatoes, Uses and Attitudes of the French” carried out by Opinionway for the CNIPT and France Agrimer.

Second producer in Western Europe with more than 6 million tons per year, the French have made potatoes their favorite vegetable. On average, they consume 47 kg fresh and processed per capita per year, reports the Ministry of Agriculture.

Among all these consumers, few cook or collect the peelings. However, there are many tricks to make at home with these potato peels. Check them out in the slideshow below.

Your potato recipes often begin with these words: “peel them and clean them”. However, your peels do not necessarily have to end up in the trash. They can also be cooked. The Just keep it site offers you some easy recipe ideas to make with your peels:

Be careful, to avoid any risk, remember to clean your peels before cooking them.

If you don’t have the soul of a cordon bleu and you don’t want to eat your peelings, you may be tempted to use them as a cosmetic to get rid of your dark circles for example.