Food is one of the biggest family expenses. So much so that shopping at the supermarket can really break through the household budget… All the more so in the face of the spectacular and historic inflation that is affecting the wallets of French consumers. Indeed, if the content of the shopping cart does not change, its price, conversely, is constantly increasing.

According to UFC Que Choisir, it would reach 6.9% in June. After 5.3% in April and 6.1% in May, this figure has only increased in recent months. In food prices have thus increased by 5.6% in 1 year, for purchases in supermarkets, inflation is 6.3%.

Faced with this, to support the purchasing power of the French, the government should soon detail its bill. This could in particular strengthen measures already present such as the tariff shield on energy, the discount of 18 cents per liter on fuel or the Macron bonus. Social benefits such as the activity bonus, retirement and disability pensions or the active solidarity income should be increased.

But while inflation directly affects us during our shopping trips, there are also other factors that influence the amount of your receipt. . Indeed, supermarkets use stratagems and tricks that push to consume more and more, reports Sélection. Discover in our slideshow these 7 techniques of stores to sell more.