This year Christmas shopping is bound to look a little different than it has in years past. Instead of walking the mall for hours looking for the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, chances are that online shopping may make up the bulk of your gift-giving this year. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites to choose from, allowing you to cross everyone off your list and still put presents under the tree for all of your loved ones. Check out these handy tips to help you get the most for your money and still enjoy selecting gifts for your friends and family.

Try Kerbside Pickup

Can’t find exactly what you want online, but know it’s sold in stores near you? Consider kerbside pickup this year. You can choose your Christmas gifts on the store’s website, pay for them online and then simply drive up to the curb, where a staff member will bring the items to your car, eliminating the need to ever enter the store itself. Many stores are offering this option this year and you can still find some great deals, even if you’re shopping from your smartphone or tablet this year.

Make a List

You might not be Santa himself, but you should always have a list before you start online shopping. Having an idea of what you want to purchase for everyone on your list ensures that you don’t miss anyone, but also helps you keep your budget on track. Write down the names of the people you want to buy a gift for and what you plan to purchase for them. That way you can keep track of what you’ve already bought and what you still need to buy, and you’ll be less likely to overspend or make impulsive purchases that you weren’t planning.

Use Shopping Apps

Apps are an easy way to find great deals and many allow you to use online coupons and voucher codes to save additional money. For example, the Honey app allows you to compare prices from various retailers on big sites like Amazon so that you can buy your gifts from the seller offering the best price. Use the Keep app to set alerts that let you know when a gift’s price drops. Sometimes you may need a coupon code to access the savings and other times you might be able to take advantage of the lower price with no strings attached.

Get Rid of Unused Gift Cards

If you’re like many people, you have gift cards lying around that you likely won’t ever use. Accessing sites like RetailMeNot and Giftcard Zen allows you to use those old gift cards to purchase Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. You can also see your gift cards online and use the money to buy gifts. And of course, you can always buy gift cards to give as gifts as well.

Use Your Amazon Prime Perks

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can take advantage of daily Lightning Deals, which you’ll be able to see 30 minutes before they happen. You can click the items you are interested in buying and then you’ll get notifications on your phone right before that item goes on sale, allowing you to take advantage of the best price for all of the gifts you want to buy, no coupon code needed.

Save Coupons Online

Using online coupons is one of the best ways to get the lowest prices on all of the gifts on your list. You can use apps like RetailMeNot to help you gather your coupons in one convenient place, which eliminates the need to subscribe to emails from your favorite stores and keep checking the site for deals. When you see a discount you want to use, you can save it to your wallet to use later. You’ll also get reminders when it’s about to expire so you don’t miss any of the savings.

Shop Early

When you’re shopping online, you should never put it off for too long. In fact, most experts caution you to be sure you’ve bought everything before December 16th so you can be sure it will be delivered before Christmas. The earlier you start, the better chances that you’ll find everything on your list and won’t be stuck choosing items that you hadn’t planned on buying. Many online retailers offer deals throughout the holiday season and restock items regularly but getting head start can’t hurt.

Shopping online is the ideal way to buy gifts for your loved ones, even if you’re concerned about being out in brick and mortar stores this year. Choosing holiday gifts might look different this year, but taking advantage of coupons like those on makes it simple and festive to fill the spot under your Christmas tree this year.